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Cloud-based union production services, business affairs, SAG-AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, IATSE and Teamsters signatory to commercial, corporate, music and much more

A full service union producer, Bonefide offers an innovative approach to managing and coordinating media productions. We free clients from production worries so they can focus on great creative and growing their own business.

We'll partner with your own production team or draw from our extensive network of production professionals, which reaches from L.A. to Boston and everywhere in between. Our depth and experience allow Bonefide to service national and international clients with all productions, casting, negotiations and business affairs.

Bonefide — your complete production partner and solution.


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Bonefide’s production services offer solutions designed for each client’s particular needs.

We get that every project can have you on the run – because production is 24/7. We customize services to meet each client’s unique production needs. Bonefide partners with your production team or draws from our extensive network.

Our depth and experience allow us to service national and international clients with all media productions. Bonefide solutions may include estimating/budgeting, celebrity negotiations/casting, traffic/business affairs, on-set supervision, payroll and other customized production services. A Bonefide partnership will save you time and money by outsourcing those labor-intensive tasks to our team of dedicated professionals.

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Agency Solutions

enhance production supervision, budget and traffic management.

  • Union & network clearances
  • Estimates & actuals
  • Celebrity negotiation
  • Pension-only payments
  • Traffic dates, rotations, tapes
  • Track and audit residuals

Thanks for always being there, and addressing my questions promptly, and efficiently. Your services are greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Peterson
EB Lane

Production Co. Solutions

refine collaboration, project coordination and audit convenience.

  • AICP member
  • Schedules
  • Budgets, estimates & actuals
  • Union/non-union crew
  • Union clearance, monitoring
  • Billing, payroll processing

As the client requested adding behind-the-scenes clearances, upgrades, foreign usage and territory changes – Bonefide kept us on track every step of the way. Thanks to their support, everyone was happy and well served.

Carmen Bosley
Backyard Productions

Advertiser Solutions

improve project management and financial modeling.

  • Production management
  • Creative network
  • Cast and crew contracts
  • Union clearance, monitoring
  • Budgets, billing, payroll
  • Licensing

Bonefide offers smart strategic ways to structure talent compensation that fully respects union agreements.

C. Ruggiero


devices or implements

Bonefide’s cloud-based
production management tools
leverage your resources.

At Bonefide, we know how to optimize production management and business affairs. Our cloud-based approach lets clients access, edit, share and monitor your project in real-time, from any device. We put your production resources within reach, so your office can be wherever you are.

We're continually improving our mobile business model - maximizing seamless productivity and minimizing frustration.

We didn't invent the production wheel, we just reimagined it.

Contact Bonefide to learn how our tools can streamline your production.

  • Schedule
  • Budgets
  • Contracts
  • Headsheets
  • Call-Sheets
  • Maps
  • Traffic
  • Location
  • Footage
  • Timecard

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creative work to display talents and skills

You’ll love Bonefide’s portfolio of projects for national and international brands!

We’re proud of our award-winning portfolio. These samples showcase our work and embody the production values we think are so important in today’s media world.

Your media defines you. Brands, institutions and individuals are known by their images on video and their messages on audio. We believe Bonefide’s portfolio demonstrates what can happen when every aspect of a production meets the highest standards.

Look at our portfolio, then contact Bonefide to see how we can enhance your productions.


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For Immediate Release:

new provisions for SAG-AFTRA 2016 TV and AUDIO


The new provisions of the SAG-AFTRA 2016 TV and Audio (formerly Radio) Commercials Contracts were posted to the Union and the JPC websites on April 13.Our brief review of the new terms and conditions indicates that there have been several significant changes in Internet and New Media provisions including a revision of the definition of a commercial, creation of four week cycles for internet and a new waiver for commercials made for social media.

Experimental Waivers, which were first negotiated in 2013 for Live Events, Man-on-the-Street and Hidden Camera commercials, have been renewed and have been extended to commercials made for broadcast use, as well as to those made for use on the Internet.

Rates (including allowances, etc) have been increased by 7% across-the-board with a few exceptions. Stand-in’s session will increase by 10% in addition to the general increase. Class A use will increase by 2% in addition to the general increase. Cable use will increase by 6% in addition to the general increase. P&H/H&R contributions are now at 18%, up from 16.8%.

There are many other new and revised provisions to be reviewed. The JPC is, of course, planning Town Hall meetings to explain these negotiated changes in detail and to answer any questions that you might have. We’ll continue to keep you posted about as this information becomes available.

As usual, increases in payments and P&H contributions due for commercials made or integrated after April 1 will be retroactive to April 1. As soon as the membership ratifies the Contracts and the Union and JPC agree upon and publish new rate tables, Bonefide will begin to invoice for any retroactive upgrades.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.
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